The longer readers spend on your website the more likely they are to buy from you and your advertisers. Greater volumes of traffic directly lead to higher profits and increased brand recognition.

For most electronic magazines, the current strategy is to convince readers to download an app using a third-party service (Google Play, iTunes, Kindle, Issuu, etc). While this does get your magazine out to more readers, your subscribers are now visiting the third-party publisher instead of your website. These services also claim a percentage of each per-issue sale.

Production time is also increased. Each third-party publisher requires its own version or specs of your online magazine to sell to your readers. So, you have to produce an online magazine for each of these third-party providers.

Finally, standard online production methods make your content look one way on a desktop vs. tablets vs. mobile devices - prompting yet more versions.

What if you could just BUILD IT ONCE and direct all your traffic to your website?

Whoever has the most content—the largest online footprint—wins the game. One of the reasons that websites like dominate the internet is because their footprint is massive and everyone links to them.

Now, you too can increase your footprint astronomically by digitizing your entire printed archive.

Give subscribers and advertisers access to every page you have ever published. Not just a PDF – we mean totally digitalized, updated and with bold unique layouts. That’s an incredible value for your readers and advertisers. Content like that gives your readers more opportunities to find your magazine and link to you. Your archives are literally a gold mine of content that search engines can find and use to send readers to you, creating instant opportunities for return on investment.

Our production methods allows you to make your electronic magazine universally compatible with all devices. Tablet or a desktop, a smart phone or even a gaming console – it all looks the same. No more wasted time making a “mobile version” or a “tablet version” of your magazine. Instead, you Build It Once. That doesn’t mean once for each device or for each app. That means Build It Once for absolutely everything.

Create a single elegant version of your electronic magazine, and then move on to the next issue.

Everyone loves apps, and your readers probably already have your icon on their phone or tablet. We have created a program that will redirect app users directly to your website to read your latest issue. Remember, you want them on YOUR website, not on a third-party server. Easy as pie, our program can be installed as the newest app update.

Here’s some more good news - any new subscribers who download the apps will not be subject to per-issue sales, making future traffic from apps more profitable.