The publishing industry needs speed and versatility in order to effectively publish online.

CEP offers page loads so fast it’s like turning a real page, which means that the magazine reading experience is preserved.

With CEP's Layered Web Page Framework, you simply move it.

In seconds your edit is completed and you can continue with proofing, avoiding delays and compromising the magazine’s layout.

Our fast and efficient production methods will solve all of your online magazine publishing needs. With a decade of experience in the industry, CEP understands that having unique layouts is one thing, but keeping up with deadlines and managing production hours are tantamount to supporting your creativity.

Custom Electric Publishing developed and tested these new methods to address the limitations of standard online publishing methods through the release of 15 issues of our prototype online magazine- Ingredients Magazine.

Custom Electric Publishing offers online magazines with unique layouts, fast production methods, the fastest page loads, and build-it-once compatibility for mobile and gaming devices.

Build the online magazine you’ve always wanted, and build it fast.

Also, web pages so versatile that last minute changes are made quickly and implemented without delay.

The solution to publishers’ concerns with online publishing is CEP's Layered Web Page Framework, offering unpresidented control and customization.

Layed Web Page Framework is a new framework for building web pages that allows for instant creation and editing in a user friendly visual interface. Pages can literally be drawn on the screen.

So what does all this mean? Build and edit web pages with the ease and freedom that current production programs give you to create the PDFs that get sent on for printing. A layered document for each page to be published will be all CEP needs to provide monthly or archival publishing services.

Our years of real-world development and testing our custom framework to its current state of perfection make publishing your magazine online easy.

Let’s say you need to make a last minute design change: move the chimney and its copy to the left side of the page. If you are using traditional web publishing methods or WordPress, simple changes like this can take hours and even additional staff to finish; not something you want to deal with when closing in on the deadline.

Four + years went into creating and testing these methods and discovering their benefits: speed, versatility and function.

CEP’s Layered Web Page Framework resultes in faster page load times than web pages that use standard online publishing methods. Our magazine reports some page load speeds of less than 2 seconds. Currently, our speed currently can only be improved upon by having an independent or dedicated server.