Tablets are now the consumer’s choice for using the Internet. While there will always be a place for desktops, tablets allow users the freedom to explore the Internet and access pages quickly without a long start-up. Tablets are less work, and more play.

When we started R&D in 2010, portable devices were slow and unreliable. Now tablets download pages faster than laptops with new, multi-core processors and are strong enough to run CAD programs while simultaneously streaming Netflix.

Unique magazine layouts will benefit from the popularity and newfound reliability of tablets. Tablets have a much longer "fold" than desktops and especially laptops. Not to mention the endless possibilities of touchscreen interactivity. Now, publishers can design long, full page layouts without concern that this will confuse the reader.

With bandwidth becoming ever faster and Wi-Fi more accessible, tablets have made all the elements come together to take publishing digital like never before.

There aren’t many online magazines out there that actually look like magazines. For many, readers don’t have access to the magazine issues at all. Hardly any publish every page and every issue of their publications online. Then, there are the PDF flip books.

We believe this is so because websites require too many resources to produce enough unique pages to fill out a 200+ page pagination every month. Using standard online publishing methods it would be a nightmare to produce every page plus added tweaks monthly, and more versions needed for basic compatibility with multiple devices.

Custom Electric Publishing’s new design language allows publishers to create a unique, functional webpage in under an hour.

Fast production methods allow you to create more pages that load faster than anything else online, and that can be modified and launched in seconds. And that won’t have to be rebuilt for mobile devices because universal compatibility.

How fast can this page be built? Look at the bottom right of our pages for a production time and page load certification. Put us to the test: see how your layouts can perform with CEP's newly developed design language.