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Online magazine and website development. Digital archiving and monthly publishing services featuring interactive magazine & newspaper layouts.

Currently developing web page design software for the publishing industry.

Build without limits. New framework creates universally compatible online magazines with unique layouts, fast production methods, fastest page loads, and build it once convenience for tablets, smart phones, and gaming consoles.

New framework that can be built fast with user friendly interface. Now any layout, any design can be built.

See our sample layouts of full page articles and ads that will change the way you produce magazines online.

By publishing our prototype, we tested and refined publishing methods to offer you a new "language" that allows creation without limits.

See details of CEP start-up projects and prototype development that led to layered web page framework.

Already experienced in designing layouts? Great! This makes the process even smoother. Email us a drawing or digital rendering of any page layout you can think of.

Literally anything goes. If it can be drawn with pencil and paper, we can make it a web page.

It's that simple. Coming first from the print publishing industry, we seek out the best ways to refine and improve

our framework etaoin shrdlu to offer your online publication the newest and most reliable language for publishing custom layouts with page set up in under an hour.

Quickly produce web pages that are true to traditional layouts.

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