Already experienced in designing layouts? Great! This makes the process even smoother. Email us a drawing or digital rendering of any page layout you can think of. Challenge us with your most imaginative layout; one that you have been waiting to publish for years. Send your design to us directly below, even a scanned photo of a labeled, hand drawn page layout. We can do it.

Fill in your information and attach your file below, along with detailed instructions of what you would like to see in your sample. Include your name and contact information. Confirmation of receipt will be sent within one business day.

It all starts with a hand drafted layout.

CEP’s design method allows you to design web pages visually, so literally anything goes. If it can be drawn with pencil and paper, we can turn it into an interactive digital interface.

The First Step
An outline of everything the first page will need is created. Then, the layout is outlined visually using squares and rectangles to represent its contents.
Each shape in the layout can hold anything you want: articles, graphics, rotating images, e-commerce, email submissions, or links to other sites.

Once the draft of the layout is complete and labeled the digital construction can begin.

During draft construction sample images can be used as placeholders. Or, you can provide graphics and content during this phase of construction.

It will take a day or so for us to return a proof for your review.

Proofing the first page carefully and in detail is very important. Elements of this page will likely become standard throughout the entire website, so creating these specifics up front will be vital for its continuity and the project’s efficiency.  Small changes are easy to make; major modifications to the site’s standard elements later on are still possible but will add considerable time to the project.

Use Your Tablets
CEP's new design framework provides universal compatibility with tablets, smart phones, and gaming consoles. Look at the drafts through any and all cell phones and tablets to which you have access. This step is indispensable when designing a tablet-friendly web page.
When proofing your drafts on mobile devices, you will become personally aware of what size and scale is appropriate for actually touching - and how that size differs between each device.
Making your web page touchable will ensure that readers can use your site comfortably with any computing device.

Hours of Operation
Changes and revisions to digital layouts will be made Monday through Friday - 9am to 5pm MT. Revisions will be hosted on CEP's site and a link will be emailed for proofing and editing.

Deposit and Billing
A deposit will be collected after the first page draft and an outline of the entire project are complete.
The first invoice will be presented after the completion of the first web page draft. Hours will be incurred during the first page drafting process and will be presented as the first invoice, along with a separate invoice for a deposit - if necessary.

If you choose to discontinue our services after the first web page draft, we will cancel your obligation to the invoice.

The Next Step
Next, we create outlines for all of the site’s pages, provide an estimate for the project’s total, and then start work on page 2.